Just a quick note to let you all know that the MAME downloads are both currently broken. There appear to be some issues with SDL2.0.8 and Apple has changed a bunch of stuff in Mojave that is breaking the build too.

Real life is keeping me from having time to properly investigate/ fix this.

I’ll update as soon as I can.

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  1. Thank you for your builds.

  2. Joel Rosenzweig says:

    Hi Steve,

    I built SDL 2.0.9 according to your instructions, built MAME, and then configured MAME and the RPI Boot options according to your configuration on your benchmarking page. The build succeeded, and MAME runs on the Pi2 and Pi3, but the performance is poor. Might you have other suggestions on what to configure to achieve good performance out of this?


    • Steve says:

      There is almost no way to get ‘good’ performance out of MAME on Raspberry Pi. You can get ‘OK’ performance if you sudo raspi-config and set the resolution to 640×480 and set the mame config to scale as little as possible. That will get the golden era games to mostly run at full speed but as soon as you get to the mid 80’s and later (afterburner, rtype, neo-geo etc. ) you start to skip occasional frames, most newer titles than that are too slow to play. There are a few exceptions.

      • Interesting. I’ve been working on reconfiguring a rpi2b+ build with raspbian lite and your mame tutorial. Previously, I ran lakka with fba and only Neo Geo games. They seemed to visually run fine. I was running beta firmware set to 240p. I think it runs 640×480 and just halves it with hardware?

  3. Steve says:

    MAME for macOS Mojave is fixed, “thanks” Apple for depreciating 32-bit, a small change to genie is all that was required, but mame will no longer run on anything prior to Snow Leopard. Next release will be available here.

    There is an SDL2 problem with Mojave that will require an update to SDL2.0.9 (which isn’t out yet) a beta version is available.

  4. Working on installing SDL2.0.8 on rpi as per your tutorial. Interesting to note, libsdl2-dev is not installed on raspbian stretch LITE and therefore does not need to be removed in this case.

    Thank you for everything!