Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi and its most popular operating systems have quite a steep learning curve with a lot of the available information on the web being incorrect or out of date almost from the day it was written. Here the pages are kept current and correct.

I’m assuming the drive you are going to use contains no data you want, that it is the first external drive you are adding and that it is going to be permanent (not portable between pc/mac/pi), also that you have a powered USB hub plugged into your Pi (the Pi does not have enough power […]
Setting up shared access to the Raspberry Pi is nice and easy for us Apple users. No messing about with Samba or cifs. all we need to do is this. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install netatalk That will install appletalk and afp on your Pi. This will make your Raspberry Pi appear in the […]
Compiling MAME on a Raspberry Pi is pretty easy. It's been a supported compile target for a few revisions now. The minimum you need to do to get a working compile is this... apt-get install git build-essentials libsdl2-dev libsdl2-ttf-dev libfontconfig-dev qt5-default and make This will give you a build of MAME that works but I don't think anyone would call it usable on a board as slow as a Raspberry Pi. So what can we do to speed things up a bit?
You probably shouldn’t do this. Ftp is pretty insecure, credentials are sent in cleartext and data is sent unencrypted. You are better off using sftp is almost all cases, ssh is installed on the Pi by default. Having said that, ftp on the Pi is much faster due to the lack of encryption and sometimes […]
Updated: 2017.11.30 to cover SDL2 2.0.8 and the latest versions of the utility libraries With the release of Raspbian Stretch, quite a lot has changed. One of those things is the default graphics drivers for the VC4. This matters to us because with the release of Stretch they have finally removed the old drivers which […]