To be fair this is mostly MAME or RetroPie. Being the two most complicated emulation paths people usually encounter, I’m trying to take some of the scariness out of them and help you get the best emulation experience out of your computer.

There are a lot of accusations about MAME being slow, about how it is a documentation project, not an exercise in performance tuning. Most people seem to think that a 20 year old version of MAME is the best you can hope for out of a Raspberry Pi. I’m here to say that’s not the case.  […]
MAME ROMs are more complicated than console ROMs, but not hugely so. There are just a few concepts you need to understand and some simple terminology and it all makes sense. Here is my guide to MAME ROMs and their associated terminology.
I try to regularly compile versions of MAME that will run on macOS and Raspberry Pi, roughly in line with the release schedule of the MAMDEV teams' Windows and source releases.