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Hints tips and useful snippets to get the most out of your mac. Lots of terminal use, slanted toward software development, making, STEM subjects, and design. Now and then I may highlight a useful app, especially if it fits with the related content on this site.

With the release of Pay, Watch, and Music there is going to be an increase of people needing to use the  character. ⌥ + ⇧ + k =  alt + shift + k =  If you use Windows you can find it in Character Map; use the “Baskerville Old Face” font and it’s all […]
I’ve compiled the latest version of TorrentZip [r9] for OS/X. This was compiled under El Capitan 10.11.6 using the latest Xcode and libz. Intel only. Edit: [2016-08-09] Updated version to fix a bug with zip comments. Source here.
This is not a complex thing but the terminal window can be daunting and the commands aren’t exactly memorable. Even so, it’s just three commands. so… Open a terminal window Get a list of attached disks diskutil list Identify the SD card disk ID (not the partition).  You will be using that wherever I use […]