Bad news this month. For the last couple of builds MAME has been struggling to compile on Raspberry Pi. This appears to be a bug in the ARM api and as such will affect all ARM based computers. Last month I bodged a compile but I wasn’t happy about it, this month I can’t get MEM to compile again. There is ongoing discussion about this issue but unless/until this gets resolved there will be no new versions of MAME for arm based machines which is a shame as I was about to start building for odroid-c2 as well. MAME 0.197 (the last clean compile for RasPi will remain up. MAME 0.199 for macOS is now available for download.

The emulator programming legends that make up the MAME team have issued fourth a new version of their eponymous emulator and I have built it for the mac and managed to shoehorn it onto a $35 Raspberry Pi computer, set your expectations accordingly.

There is the usual encyclopaedia of improvements and fixes in the whatsnew. Here is the official announcement about the release and this is the official release page where you can get the Windows build (why would you want that‽), or the source code if you fancy a confused look and a major headache! Visit the Github page to see all the code monkey mutterings.

A macOS build is now available on my MAME page, it was built using the latest High Sierra build and XCode 9.4. There is also a Raspberry Pi version built with Raspbian Stretch, a custom SDL2 and GCC 6.3.