The grass in my yard is turning brown, the mailbox is too hot to open, Cicadas are starting to get so loud you want to shout “shut up!” at them. Summer is in full flight, July is winding into August and a new MAME is here.

This month has been something of a Decapattack as various previously undumped chips have had thier tops ripped off and their naughty bits photographed. As a result, some Gaelco games are now playable and repairable, and colours are now correct in a couple of games.

If you thought emulating an EPOS terminal was a bit odd, this months added emulation of the INTELLEC® 4 interactive debugger and programmer for Intel 4004/4040 chips will have you scratching your head at the various blinkenlights and switches.

There are various new clones added including an easy mode version of Op Wolf for those of you who suck at the normal version.

There is the usual encyclopaedia of improvements and fixes in the whatsnew, (I even get a credit this month as I contributed some vector art for a couple of Game & Watch games). Here is the official announcement about the release and this is the official release page where you can get the Windows build (why would you want that‽) or the source code if you fancy a confused look and a major headache! Visit the Github page to see all the code monkey mutterings.

A macOS build is now available on my MAME page, it was built using the latest Sierra build and XCode 8. There is also a Raspberry Pi version built with GCC 6.3.