The summer is here! All over the world, MAME wizards are being forced to leave their compilers behind and spend a couple of weeks squinting in the sunshine and nursing sunburned bits of themselves because it’s “good for you to get outside”. They have my sympathy (and if they need it, they can have my calamine).

The last thing they managed to do before being dragged outside, kicking and screaming like Nosferatu on a sunny day is release MAME 0.187

Included this month is Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. Game & Watch, two machines I wanted as a child while I was forced to play my Galaxy Invader 1000 (already emulated). A new version of Pengo (one of my fave arcade machines of all time), Waku Waku Ultraman Racing (Never heard of it!) and a bunch of other new goodies that you will find hidden in the whatsnew. A lot of improvements have been made to the Apple II and TRS-80/CoCo/Dragon computers lately, this month brings a Dragon 64 Plus and lots of improvements to the CoCo/Dragon drivers, well worth having a look at (you may become a CoCo nut too!).

The X68000 has been given a MIDI card and you can now do clever stuff like sending the MIDI data from a game running on an emulated X68000 in MAME on a MacBook, to a Roland Sound Canvas Emulator running on an iPad Pro over a wireless MIDI link and get this sort of output!

Cool eh?

The whatsnew this month is shorter than last, no doubt due to the enforced packing and hunting for passports! Here is the official announcement about the release and this is the official release page where you can get the Windows build (why would you want that‽) or the source code if you fancy a confused look and a major headache! Visit the Github page to see all the code monkey mutterings.

A macOS build is now available on my MAME page, it was built using the latest Sierra build and XCode 8. There is also a Raspberry Pi version built with GCC 6.3.


As a side note, Debian Stretch went ‘stable’ last week and this means that there will be a new version of Raspbian soon using Stretch instead of Jessie for packages. This will bring GCC up to a working version for MAME without messing with the packages and means I will be able to remove the old MAME version I’ve been leaving online for compatibility reasons and clean up the articles on how to compile MAME for yourself.