Those insomniac code-monkeys have had a busy and long month this month, there was altogether much less gas than last month and a lot of cool stuff has happened.

It looks like the piece of last months MAME that broke off and hit the floor was reattached with spit and sawdust upside down! Acchi Muite Hoi turns out to actually be called Pata Pata Panic and the game was unplayable because a bit of sawdust was stuck in the sound mapping.

There are a bunch of new working arcade games this month including Space Cyclone and Hashire Patrol Car which should please all those who donated to purchase the boards. A generous selection of new working clones have been added, as have a pretty great selection of previously non-working handheld games.

Lastly there are a load of new non-working drivers that people will be complaining about for the next few months.

Something for everyone (except Nazi’s, theres nothing here for Nazi’s those people are bad)

The whatsnew this month is very long and well worth the read, you can see that these guys have very understanding partners indeed! Here is the official announcement about the release (there is a lot less talk of monkeys in that one) and this is the official release page where you can get the Windows build (why would you want that‽) or the source code if you fancy a confused look and a major headache! Visit the Github page to see all the code monkey mutterings.

A macOS build is now available on my MAME page, it was built using the latest Sierra build and XCode 8. The Raspberry Pi version is currently broken due to a problem with GCC6.2 a new version will be posted as soon as I get it working.