As the last Wednesday of the month approached; from the depths of the mamedev cave, a loud series of grunting sounds was heard.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle, a cloud of dust, a couple of screams and some sleepy code-monkeys staggered out, blinking into the light with a finely crafted new version of MAME to present to the ever grateful masses. One of the monkeys rubbed the new version of MAME on his tshirt; a piece broke off and hit the floor, he reattached it with some spit and sawdust.

Placing the shiny (and slightly dented) new prize on a nearby rock, the code-monkeys scratched, farted and ambled back into the cave, disappearing into the dark where they would remain, shouting at one another, uttering the phrase “git pull” and ignoring the world until the same time next month.

What wonders had the monkeys bestowed upon the great unwashed? Let’s have a little look…

  • 6 MAMETesters Bugs, have been squashed
  • 8 New machines are now working
  • 12 Clones of existing machines are now working
  • 3 Previously non-working machines are now working
  • 19 New machines have been added that don’t work yet
  • 9 New clones have been added that don’t work yet
  • Lots of software has been added to the software lists for various Systems
  • An enormous amount of code has gone into improving the existing emulation, the details of which you can read about in the whatsnew.txt file

macOS and RaspberryPi builds are now available on my MAME page. The Mac version was built using the latest Sierra build and XCode 8, the Raspberry Pi version was built on a Pi3 using the instructions on this site.