Back in November I finally decided I had had enough of renewing my LetEncrypt SSL certificate every three months and manually uploading them to Namecheap, my webhost.

Namecheap have decided it’s good sense, from a business perspective, to not offer LetEncrypt certificates integrated into CPanel, they sell certificates and don’t think free certs are a good fit for their business model. I disagreed. After asking them a few times to reconsider over the course of the year that I was forced to update manually. I finally bit the bullet and moved to a new host.

While that was happening, wordpress 5 was released, along with it’s new editing method ‘Gutenberg’ and it broke my theme. While trying to fix the theme I realised there were nearly 30,000 lines of CSS being served and multiple Javascript files for what was essentially a very simple website so I threw the theme away, got a framework called ‘_s’ (Underscores) and set about writing a new theme for myself.

Ain’t she pretty!

And this is it, what do you think? I’ve tried to model the theme after a VT320 terminal with an amber monitor, I’ve had to take a few liberties (the VT320 couldn’t do pictures or more than one colour) but I’ve tried to keep the theme feeling like it’s an 80’s terminal.

There are still a few broken links, the graphics are a bit messed up on some of the older content, other odd inconsistencies are annoying me to an unreasonable degree and will be fixed as I spot them, but it’s mostly up and working.

The MAME downloads will resume again now I have somewhere to upload them and there is a new widget right on the front page where you can download the latest release.