MAME Builds for MacOS and Raspberry Pi

Below you will find the standard version of MAME64, compiled for OS X; and MAME, compiled for Raspberry Pi.

I try to regularly compile versions of MAME that will run on macOS and Raspberry Pi, roughly in line with the release schedule of the MAMDEV teams’ Windows and source releases.

No credit goes to me for any of this, I’m just compiling and uploading to save a few people a little effort.

File Version Date Platform
apllogo MAME64 0.187 28 Jun 2017 macOS Download
rpilogo MAME 0.187 28 Jun 2017 Raspberry Pi Download

The Raspberry Pi 0.176 version is the last version that will work on a Pi without upgrading GCC to v6. I’ll leave that as an available download until Raspbian Stretch is released.

File Version Date Platform
rpilogo MAME 0.176 28 Jul 2016 Raspberry Pi Download

Here are a couple of links to useful information and the source code if you want to compile for yourself

  • Compiling MAME – My page on compiling MAME for Raspberry Pi
  • MAMEDEV – The official page of the MAME developers
  • MAME Docs – The official MAME documentation
  • MAME Github – The official Github page for the MAME source code
  • SDL – The SDL Library homepage, SDLv2 is required to run MAME