EDIT: You may prefer to read this page for detailed compile instructions.

MAME 0.171 is out and this time there are some big and awesome changes to the core app. The GUI is far more advanced than previous versions, good enough for a lot of people to stop using 3rd party frontends. Also the first pass at the integration of BGFX, the unified GPU backend is here. This bodes well for a speed bump for alternative platforms, I’m especially excited to compile this for Raspberry Pi2 to see how it performs with the hardware accelerated OGLES in SDL2.0.4.

Well it took a couple of days to get the requirements sorted out properly but I finally got it to compile properly and the good news is, it’s playable! Don’t expect miracles but most of the older games seem to be playable with a small amount of frameskip, MESS works too! This is optimized for Raspberry Pi2 and SDL2.0.4

Pop on over to my MAME for Raspberry Pi page to grab a copy!