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Compiling MAME


Starting with MAME 0.177 the default compiler on Raspberry Pi (GCC 4.9.2) will no longer work. MAME needs a minimum of GCC5 to compile. My compiling MAME tutorial has been updated to reflect that. Compiling MAME...


[TUTORIAL] Setup GCC6 on Raspberry Pi

As of the latest version, MAME now requires GCC 5 as a minimum to compile. Raspbian Jessie ships with GCC 4.9.2 which, at nearly 2 years old, is now just a little too stable. GCC 6.2...


MAME 0.177 Raspberry Pi

A new version of MAME is available and I have updated the Raspberry Pi build. Get it from my MAME page here. MAME for Raspberry Pi Note: This month is the first month that...