Apple macOS MAME

Ver. 0.217
Upd: Dec 27, 2019

Raspberry Pi3 MAME

Ver. 0.211
Upd: Jul 10, 2019
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MAME 0.208

The latest version of MAME has been compiled for Raspberry Pi and macOS and is available from the download widget on the home page.

This will be the last MAME release that I will be compiling for Raspberry Pi. It now takes fully two days to build on a Pi3+, only gets a few downloads a month and is so slow that it’s unusable for all but the simplest emulation tasks. I cannot justify tying up my system building it any longer.

On the plus side, this means the macOS release will be available much sooner!

That took longer than expected!

Back in November I finally decided I had had enough of renewing my LetEncrypt SSL certificate every three months and manually uploading them to Namecheap, my webhost.

Namecheap have decided it’s good sense, from a business perspective, to not offer LetEncrypt certificates integrated into CPanel, they sell certificates and don’t think free certs are a good fit for their business model. I disagreed. After asking them a few times to reconsider over the course of the year that I was forced to update manually. I finally bit the bullet and moved to a new host.

While that was happening, wordpress 5 was released, along with it’s new editing method ‘Gutenberg’ and it broke my theme. While trying to fix the theme I realised there were nearly 30,000 lines of CSS being served and multiple Javascript files for what was essentially a very simple website so I threw the theme away, got a framework called ‘_s’ (Underscores) and set about writing a new theme for myself.

Ain’t she pretty!

And this is it, what do you think? I’ve tried to model the theme after a VT320 terminal with an amber monitor, I’ve had to take a few liberties (the VT320 couldn’t do pictures or more than one colour) but I’ve tried to keep the theme feeling like it’s an 80’s terminal.

There are still a few broken links, the graphics are a bit messed up on some of the older content, other odd inconsistencies are annoying me to an unreasonable degree and will be fixed as I spot them, but it’s mostly up and working.

The MAME downloads will resume again now I have somewhere to upload them and there is a new widget right on the front page where you can download the latest release.

MAME 0.203 for macOS & Raspberry Pi *Yay!*

Annd it’s back! MAME for macOS now compiles under Mojave and the SDL2 issues have been fixed with the release of SDL2.0.9, make sure you update!

MAME for Raspberry Pi is also compiling again

A macOS build is now available on my MAME page, it was built using the latest Mojave build and XCode 10.1. There is also a Raspberry Pi version built with Raspbian Stretch, a custom SDL2.0.9 and GCC 6.3.


Just a quick note to let you all know that the MAME downloads are both currently broken. There appear to be some issues with SDL2.0.8 and Apple has changed a bunch of stuff in Mojave that is breaking the build too.

Real life is keeping me from having time to properly investigate/ fix this.

I’ll update as soon as I can.

MAME 0.200 for macOS & Raspberry Pi

Good news this month! The build issues around ARM processors appear to have been fixed, MAME builds on ARM again. Release 0.200 has arrived and is available for both platforms. With any luck there will be an odroid-c2 version this month too.

The emulator programming legends that make up the MAME team have issued fourth a new version of their eponymous emulator and I have built it for the mac and managed to shoehorn it onto a $35 Raspberry Pi computer, set your expectations accordingly.

There is the usual encyclopaedia of improvements and fixes in the whatsnew. Here is the official announcement about the release and this is the official release page where you can get the Windows build (why would you want that‽), or the source code if you fancy a confused look and a major headache! Visit the Github page to see all the code monkey mutterings.

A macOS build is now available on my MAME page, it was built using the latest High Sierra build and XCode 9.4.1. There is also a Raspberry Pi version built with Raspbian Stretch, a custom SDL2 and GCC 6.3.